AI Insights Newsletter – 11th June 2024

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Welcome back everyone to another AI Insights newsletter by NotCentralised. We explore the interesting things we’ve been finding on the world of AI this past week and synthesise it for the things we think you should care about.

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Great to get out another episode of the Aus DeFi x DSAI podcast too where we get to know the community. It was AI flavoured this month chatting with Hannah Maude from Fire and Forte. We dive into enterprise adoption of AI and her journey into this space. Watch the full episode here

And here’s a behind the scenes post from here.

Sam Altman on the future of AI

Interesting piece covering highlights from a talk Sam gave into the future of AI. A couple of things that stood out were the piece where he’s asked about why we should keep building these things when we don’t full understand the neurons and he counters with the fact we don’t fully understand human brains yet we can see the behaviour. For many hundreds and thousands of years as well, we learnt to domesticate and train animals where there is pets or otherwise and we did this well before understanding what’s inside their heads. So maybe in a way AI is a new form of species and we’re still learning to understand what’s inside. But whilst it’s still a black box, we are very much learning how to train and control these models.

There’s also a piece in here where he says the most interesting thing he’s seen recently is research from Anthropic and their Golden Gate Bridge model (which we dive into next) and much more. See more highlights from this talk here

Golden Gate Bridge GPT?

And for the Anthropic talk, that was quite interesting and you can watch that here on this Hard Fork episode with John Batson, a researcher at Anthropic. It dives into mapping AI models, understanding how they work and the identification of various features which are similar to patterns of behaviour we see in the real world. The Golden Gate Bridge feature (see 12 minutes in) refers to purposely activating that feature so that answers from the model would persistently refer to the Golden Gate, even to the point of absurdity.

What’s interesting is that it’s different to the way we influence models now by “telling” them to act a certain way. In this case it’s like electric stimulation to a part of the AI muscle that makes it believe it’s the bridge.

Fascinating stuff you can watch here

AGREE models and Google

Do you AGREE? That’s the question Google is postulating in this research on LLMs where they looked at other ways to reduce hallucinations. Through self-generating citations with their answers, they found that responses could be improved in terms of accuracy. It adds another layer of proteciton that future users will no doubt take for granted as AI becomes more trusted in the workforce. 

See the full article here.


Jensen Huang of NVIDIA here and his vision on the future of AI here with their NIMS project

Lex Fridman and AI Doomerism

A short Lex Fridman clip here (only 10 minutes) where he discusses the fear of AGI and AI doomerism with Roman Yampolskiy

AI and Education at Torrens 

Online learning and education gets an uplift with Torrens University partnering with Microsoft to bring AI into the classroom.

See more here.

AI Video takes a leap

If you’re interested in the advancements of AI video, the quality has been getting stronger over time and it won’t be long until we cannot even tell between real life and computer simulation. 

See this X post here.

Tackling the Doomerism

I’ll leave you with this Aussie homegrown podcast called This Day in AI. In this one they tackle the news of the week, including the fact that when things are quiet, the doomers come out and how that is problematic for the space because fear sellls and if anything they are holding the rest of the mainstream back. Check it out here

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Mark drives innovation with his deep understanding of AI, blockchain, and data technologies. His experience spans over 15 years of contributions to finance, technology, and operational strategy across Australia, Europe, and North America.

In 2021, he transitioned from Head of Data and Technology at a leading Australian accounting firm to startups. Prior to this, he worked in equity and macroeconomic research in the capital markets space.

Mark brings a passion for data and insights to NotCentralised. His understanding of AI and blockchain technology is central to the development of workplace productivity and financial system modernisation products, including SIKE and Layer-C. Mark’s dynamic and solutions-focused methods enable the navigation of complex technological landscapes and new market potentials.

Mark holds an Executive Master’s and a Bachelor of Commerce. He led the creation of the Australian DeFi Association and serves on the advisory board for the Data Science and AI Association of Australia. His commitment to such communities demonstrates his enthusiasm for emerging technologies and vision of positive change through technology adoption.


Nick spearheads product strategy and institutional business development, leveraging a rich background spanning 23 years in capital markets and financial services across the UK, the US, and APAC.

In 2020, Nick transitioned into startups, bringing extensive experience in asset management and corporate advisory from roles including Director, Head of Australian Fixed Income at Abrdn and Managing Director, Head of Corporate Credit at Gresham Partners. His expertise extends to client management across the government and private sectors.

With a First Class degree in Law and Criminology and Chartered Financial Analyst experience since 2002, Nick is known for his energetic and creative approach, quickly appraising business models and identifying market opportunities.

Beyond his role at NotCentralised, Nick actively contributes to multiple startups and SMEs, holding various Board and advisory positions and applying his institutional expertise to early-stage ventures. Nick is fascinated by emerging technologies with significant societal impact and loves to immerse himself in nature.


Arturo leads product development and software engineering, applying over two decades of experience in technology, capital markets, and data science. With his years of programming expertise, Arturo smoothly transitioned into blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

Arturo has built and sold technology startups across Europe, following quant derivatives roles in global investment banks. His prior experience includes data projects for the NHS in the UK, Strategic Technology Advisor at Land Insight, and Senior Advisor to OpenInsight, where he built predictive models for vessel usage in commodity markets.

A mathematics and statistics graduate from Stockholm University, Arturo’s early grounding in logic problems and data manipulation techniques is evident in his practical applications. His work building equity derivative pricing models for Merrill Lynch and Royal Bank of Scotland showcased Arturo’s highly specialised skillset.

Arturo relocated from London to Australia in 2020. Beyond NotCentralised, his passion for technology and industry involvement extends to the Australian DeFi Association, which he co-founded, and regular contributions to the Data Science and AI Association.